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An Unexpected Blessing For Sherry’s Run Patient

Phil Hewitt

“I had always heard of Sherry’s Run, but never really realized that it was for people like us.” As a 20 year cancer survivor, Cindy Hewitt hoped she would never be on the other side of the caregiver relationship. Yet, that is exactly where she finds herself with her precious husband of 37 years, Phil. This time around, she is thankful to have support from Sherry’s Run.

In late 2014, Phil began to lose weight and experience abdominal pain. After considerable testing and what seemed like endless doctor visits, they diagnosed him with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. Though Phil had been through serious health problems in the past, including open heart surgery, what he experienced over the months following his diagnosis was by far the most difficult of his life.

Treatments and procedures have left Phil unable to drive. This is especially devastating when your lifelong occupation has been truck driving. So, when Phil’s cousin, Tonya Ferguson Butler, referred the Hewitt’s to Sherry’s Run they were relieved and grateful. “Sherry’s Run is the best thing that could ever happen to a cancer patient,” says Cindy. “It was such a blessing to know that there are people who really care what happens to you.”

Cindy went on to share that being a caretaker has been far worse for her than actually having cancer. “I know what it feels like to have cancer and I never wanted this for him.” But there is another big difference for the Hewitt’s this time around. “It has made all the difference to have Sherry’s Run assisting us this time. I just wish we had this when I had my cancer. I hope Sherry’s Run is around for a very long time to assist everyone who needs it,” says Cindy.

Cindy and Phil share the story of Sherry’s Run with everyone they meet. “Every time I checkout at the grocery store, I tell the clerk what the grocery card represents and what it has meant to our family,” says Cindy.

“Cindy and Phil are the reason this organization exists,” says Tonyia Watson, Director of Patient Assistance for Sherry’s Run. “They think that we are blessing them, but we actually receive the greatest blessing.”

Do you know someone who could benefit from the blessings of Sherry’s Run? All it takes is someone who notices the need and refers them. Sherry’s Run will do the rest.

Stories of Hope