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Jacob Will

Four year old Jacob Will of Lebanon is much like any other energetic little boy. He loves to color, read stories, and ride his bike. The difference is that Jacob has cancer and is in a wheelchair most of the time. He certainly doesn’t let his illness keep him from enjoying life!

“He is so cheerful!” says Alyssa Will, Jacob’s mom, as she discusses all of the obstacles he has had to face in his short life. It started out with seemingly routine preschooler problems: occasional vomiting and bedwetting. But soon, Jacob began to have more alarming symptoms like numbness and seizures. After several visits to emergency care, a CT scan was ordered and a mass the size of a tennis ball was found on Jacob’s brain.

The next several weeks were like a whirlwind of emotions for Alyssa and her husband,

Ryan. During the surgery to remove the tumor, Jacob had a stroke that now affects his ability to move the left side of his body. He also lost partial vision in both eyes.

Two weeks following the surgery, Jacob began chemotherapy treatments. The intensity of the chemo left Jacob with partial hearing loss, as well. Fortunately, after nine long and scary months in the hospital, Jacob finally came home this spring.

Since that time, Jacob has continued to heal, grow and learn a new way of being a kid.

With the money raised from a yard sale fundraiser, Alyssa was even able to purchase Jacob a rehab bicycle that he rides almost daily. “I am so amazed by his positive spirit,” says Alyssa. “He inspires me everyday.”

As so often happens in cases like this, Alyssa had to quit her job to care for Jacob throughout his journey. This loss of income along with all of the additional medical bills and travel expenses dramatically changed the Will family’s lifestyle. Ryan’s father, Mike

Will, suggested they contact Sherry’s Run. As a staff member at the Lebanon Democrat, Mike was familiar with the stories of so many patients that had been assisted by this local grassroots non-profit.

“Sherry’s Run saved us!” says Alyssa. “They gave me the comfort of knowing I could feed my family each week.” With Jacob and his sister both starting back to school, Alyssa was also able to buy their needed supplies and clothes because of the support they received. Jacob is now receiving rehab through his school and is making amazing progress.

“Jacob’s sweet smile and infectious spirit have truly inspired me!” says Tonyia Watson, Director of Patient Assistance for Sherry’s Run. “Your registration fees make it possible for us to serve precious families like this one.”

Stories of Hope