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Sherry’s Run Patient Beloved By Community

Dwight Huddleston

After more than 30 years of providing a quality barber shop experience in Lebanon, TN, Dwight Huddleston has become a bit of a local legend. He has cut the hair of well-known local names like former sheriff, Terry Ashe, and Judge Wootten. He’s even given a trim to country music singer, Trace Adkins.

So, in 2014, when Dwight received the news that he had multiple myeloma and it had spread throughout his bones, he feared he would never again be able to do what he loved. The news was grim: it’s treatable, but incurable.

Dwight immediately began receiving chemotherapy treatments. It was a rigorous plan that started with him receiving treatments every day for 35 days. In 2015, after months of treatment cycles followed by scans that showed little progress, Dwight’s doctors determined it was time for a stem cell transplant. This was an extremely painful process, but was quite successful.

Over the course of Dwight’s four year cancer battle, he has experienced over 300 chemotherapy treatments. When asked how his body could possibly endure that, Dwight’s answer is clear and simple, “…only by the prayers people have prayed.”

Indeed, Dwight has had much support from his incredible community. Soon after his diagnosis, a very special event was planned in his honor by several of his regular customers. Businesses and individuals donated everything from food to silent auction items, including a very special Charlie Daniels fiddle signed by the man himself to help offset Dwight’s medical expenses.

Several years after this event, Dwight continues his courageous battle with cancer. Though he is still able to cut hair for a few hours a day, the medical expenses continue to pile up. This is where Sherry’s Run, a Christ-centered grassroots ministry, comes in. Sherry’s Run has had the privilege to assist Dwight with groceries, fuel to get back and forth to treatments, and housing payments. “I wish every county had an organization like this,” says Dwight. “I thank God and pray every day for the people who support Sherry’s Run!”

The board and staff of Sherry’s Run are pleased to announce that the 15th annual Sherry’s Run 5K Run/Walk event will be in honor of Dwight Huddleston and everything that he means to this community. “The small business owner is truly the backbone of our community. Dwight’s perseverance and courage through everything has been so inspiring to us and we just want to honor him,” says Scott Jasper, Race Director and Executive Board member for Sherry’s Run.

Stories of Hope